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About Me

My name is Steve and I am the man behind First Media Co. My partner in crime and beautiful wife Ashley is the fire under my butt that keeps me going and fuels my motivation. Everything I do day in and day out is for Ashley and my adorable girls Pearl and Penelope.


My love for creating has been a constant in my life for as long as I'v been alive. I remember how much I loved drawing my favorite athletes as a kid. I even submitted my BEST EVER Randall Cunningham drawing to Sports Illustrated for Kids, hoping to get featured. Sadly, it never happened. 


With birth of our first daughter Pearl, I dusted off my old Canon Rebel camera ,and couldn't get enough of video her first coos, gazes, and smiles. I started recording so many precious moments and the obsession just grew.


I love being able to tell a story through film, photo, and design. To capture precious first moments of a baby's first steps or a daughter's first dance with her dad at her wedding. I love being able to create unique pieces for my clients. I would love to create something special, for you. Let's talk!

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